Dear Editor: Hello. We are children from Lisavaird NS. We are in first, second and third class. We love talking about farming.

Here are some tips for safety on the farm.

Slurry safety:

  • Never enter a slurry pit.
  • Keep children and elderly people away from the area when agitating.
  • Never approach the slurry tank when uncovered – remember, one lungful of slurry gas can kill you.
  • Never approach the slurry tank when it is sucking the slurry.
  • Keep all people away from the agitating point for 30 minutes after starting agitating.
  • Guard the PTO on the slurry tanker and agitator – do not use unless correctly guarded.
  • It is very important to stand back when someone is spreading slurry!
  • Safety in fields

  • Always look out for signs that warn you of any dangers. If there is a warning sign in place, STAY AWAY!
  • Stay out of fields that have bulls or cows with young calves grazing.
  • Safety during calving

  • Keep a gate or a crush between you and the cow when removing or handling the calf.
  • Well-designed calving pens and gates minimise the direct contact between farmer and animal.
  • Think about an escape route in advance before you enter a pen or handle an animal.