Business failure rate rising again post COVID. Is a ‘correction’ gathering pace?
Amii McKeever
Although possibly the hardest hit sector, it could also be argued that some Irish hospitality businesses were given somewhat of a lifeline by COVID-19. But what now asks Amii McKeever.
25 January 2023 Features
Mary Coughlan wants a results based dialogue - "No talking shop"
Charged by Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue with convening a dialogue on women in agriculture - farmers in particular - Mary Coughlan wants tangible results. Amii McKeever writes.
25 January 2023 Amii
Editorial: I will come back to you on that! Readers views vital
It’s often readers that spark the idea for an article. Praise or complaint, it’s all welcome in terms of addressing the concerns of the people who live and work in rural Ireland. Writes Amii McKeever.
The fifth and seventh days of 2023 brought both spiritual celebration and grief
Religious ceremonies were celebrated by Amii McKeever’s family as the new year began. These occasions coincided with a pope’s buried and a ceasefire to respect a religious day being ignored.
18 January 2023 Amii
Just how good a driver do you think you are?
In Ireland, almost everything moves by road. But according to the Airport Driving School, there is a difference between learning to pass your test and actually learning to drive, writes Amii McKeever.
11 January 2023 Features
Editorial: in respect of the beautiful game of life
Is the death of a soccer legend bigger than climate change or an assault on democracy? News coverage of Pelé’s death would suggest it just could be.
11 January 2023 Amii
What’s so special about the old world?
You often hear the terms “Old World” and “New World” used to describe wine. What differentiates them?”
4 January 2023 Neven
Finding love in the Mountains: Siúl linn, mo ghrá, siúl liom
The pandemic made romance difficult so Elaine Nic Réamoinn took a notion to get people connecting on the Irish hills. However bringing the men to the mountain was the challenge. Writes Amii McKeever
4 January 2023 Features
Remedying the banking relationship
Farmers overwhelmingly report that they don't feel valued by banks anymore, especially if their exposure is less than six figures. The Banking Culture Board aims to change this.
4 January 2023 Features
Editorial: how do you like your Rocky Mountain Oysters?
Many euphemisms are used to hide the real source of food delicacies. Just because you won’t eat something doesn’t mean someone else won’t. It’s all protein! Right? Writes Amii McKeever.
4 January 2023 Amii
The Donegal rambler: life in the hills
What started out in 1985 as leisure hiking has turned into a full-time career and passion for ex-Garda and Donegal Camino guide John McGroary.
28 December 2022 Features
Look back and reflect or look forward and plan. Or neither, focus on today
It is said that everyone has a book in them. Some would suggest that this is exactly where that book should stay. But if not recorded how we learn from the past.
28 December 2022 Amii