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Suckler reduction proposals make little sense
Letters to the Editor
"If the Atlantic Ocean came in over us and wiped us out altogether it would make no difference what so ever to the global problem of climate change." - Frank Mockler, Brittas, Thurles, Co Tipperary.
18 May 2022 Letters
Letter re: farm placements for young farmers
"We want to encourage aspiring farmers to go to agriculture college and make it an enjoyable, worthwhile experience." - Michael O'Dowd, IFA Dairy Chairman for Kerry
11 May 2022 Letters
Letter on the importance of on-farm placement for college students
"Our role is to encourage young people to enter and remain in farming." - Jim White, by email
Letter re: Glanbia's fixed milk schemes
"The altering of the schemes in recent years has left us farmers in a perilous position." - Name & address with the Editor
11 May 2022 Letters
Statement on the death of Alan Gillis, former President, IFA
Tribute to Alan Gillis, former IFA President. May he rest in peace - John Bruton, former Taoiseach
11 May 2022 Letters
Letter: Common Agricultural Policy needs serious adjustments
"Is this some kind of April Fool's Day lingo?" - T. A . Coakley.
4 May 2022 Letters
Inflationary pressures in Ireland
“Sectors agitating for salary increases to compensate for inflation” - Ken J Ashmore, Co Kildare
4 May 2022 Letters
Jack Kennedy responds to Lakeland Dairies chair Niall Matthews
“Knowing the time you as a co-op chair, and your fellow directors have to give up to represent fellow milk suppliers, I fully respect decisions at the board table” - Jack Kennedy, IFJ.
4 May 2022 Letters
Letter highlighting the government's mixed signals on farming
"Not dealing with high farm input costs is a clear signal that the decision-makers are prepared to see the national herd drop down in numbers." - Michael Molloy Co Kildare
27 April 2022 Letters
Letter from Lakeland Dairies chair Niall Matthews
"Our financial ability is not and will not be lacking if future processing options make sense" - Lakeland Dairies chair Niall Matthews
27 April 2022 Letters
Letter to the Editor: student experience at Gurteen College
"I would give my few days in Gurteen a decent Tripadvisor rating" - farmer in training, by email.
20 April 2022 Letters
Letter to the Editor: response on Pig Exceptional Payment Scheme article
"Officials did not ‘forget’ to include an area for payment details on the form" - Sinéad McPhillips, Assistant Secretary General, Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine.
20 April 2022 Letters