Following several COVID-19-forced postponements, Lamma Show finally celebrated its 40th anniversary last week, with the show taking place on 4 and 5 May at the NEC, Birmingham.

Organisers of the self-acclaimed leading farm machinery show in the UK said that over 700 exhibitors were in attendance.

Despite the good weather and date change from the early days of January, crowds soared into the thousands.

This year saw the addition of a new dealer zone, which absorbed some of the gap left behind from the absence of major brands, most notably Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra.

However, ‘dealers’ of such brands, in addition to John Deere, New Holland, Zetor and more showcased new and secondhand equipment.

This comes as several manufacturers, such as New Holland and Valtra, had pulled out in the leadup to the event, while the likes of Claas and John Deere hadn’t officially attended for some years.


Exhibitor mood varied, with many feeling that crowds were marginally down on the traditional January timing.

Bearing this in mind and the absence of many household names, thousands of punters still made the journey to the NEC.

Considering the current underlying issues faced by the sector, the mood among exhibitors and showgoers remained largely positive.

Much of the conversation was around lead times, supply and uncertainty, while soaring machinery costs were also on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Irish visitors

Since show organisers moved Lamma from an outdoor event in Peterborough to the indoor event at the NEC in 2019, it has become much more accessible for Irish punters.

Once again, many Irish enthusiasts got an early flight over, took the two-minute tram to the show and flew home the same evening.

Showgoers won’t have to wait too long for the next instalment, with the show set to return on 10 and 11 January 2023.

Manitou ULM 412 H

Sitting front and centre on the Manitou stand was the recently announced Ultra-Light Manitou (ULM) 412 H model.

The ULM 412 H is the smaller of the two ULM models recently introduced by Manitou.

The main difference between the ULM 412 H and the ULM 415 H is that latter can lift 1,500kg compared to the 1,250kg capacity of the 412 H, both lifting to a maximum 4.3m high.

Dimensions remain the same at 1.49m wide and 1.92m high.

Similarly, both the ULM 412 H and ULM 415 H are fitted with a 35hp Yanmar three-cylinder engine and a 48l/min hydraulic pump as standard.

Putting the wheels in motion is a 25km/h hydrostatic transmission with the front and rear axles fitted as standard with limited slip differentials.

Irish pricing for the ULM 412 H and ULM 415 H is yet to be confirmed.

The Manitou ULM 412 H has a 1,250kg lift capacity.

Farmdroid FD20

Opico showcased the Danish-made FarmDroid FD20 autonomous drilling and weeding robot. FarmDroid is a recent addition to the lineup of brands distributed by Opico.

Powered by sunshine alone, it’s believed that over 250 units are working in over 18 countries.

Six machines are working on UK farms in crops such as onions and sugar beet.

There are four solar panels mounted on top of the machine which charge two lithium batteries.

Performance depends entirely on factors such as sunlight and weeding/drilling speed.

The FD20 can operate non-stop for 24 hours, stopping only when batteries are flat. Once batteries are flat, brakes are applied until the sun rises and starts recharging the batteries.

An additional power bank can be charged and used to run the robot for eight to 12 hours in cloudy conditions.

Output is expected to be in the region of 6ha/day, with the machine relying entirely on real-time kinematic (RTK) guidance.

For seeding, there are two roller discs and a furrow opener that creates a small opening for seeds to be placed into via the electric metering system. A consolidation roller then packs the surface for good soil seed contact.

The FD20 unit weighs roughly 800kg and is priced at £59,500 (€69,565), plus VAT and requires an additional RTK base station.

The Farmdroid FD20 is a Danish-built autonomous drilling and weeding robot.

McConnel Agribuggy AB30

Specialists in crop-care equipment Severn Agriculture displayed McConnel’s heavily redesigned Agribuggy AB30 model.

The AB30 comes fitted with a larger 3,000l sprayer demount with internal baffles for added strength and to prevent surges.

The demount unit uses a five-cylinder pump with a 335l/min capacity.

A new digital sight gauge with an LED display for tank contents and remote PTO control has been added for greater convenience and accuracy.

Seven section air shut-off valves are fitted as standard to the Aluminium Pommier 12/24m booms, while 15 section shut-off is optionally available.

The AB30 features a new 3.8l Stage V Cummins engine which produces 148hp. A heavier-duty 50km/h ZF four-speed automatic drivetrain is also fitted, producing 600Nm of torque through its high and low ranges.

A new cooling pack and a reversible fan is also fitted.

The sprayer is seated on OMSI axles with a rear limited slip differential and power-operated external disc brakes. Inside the cab, instrument layout has been improved and now includes a 7in full colour display.

The McConnel AB30 Agribuggy is a heavily redesigned version of its predecessor.

Mzuri IPASS drill

For over 10 years, the Mzuri one-pass establishment system concept has remained steadfast in its straightforward design. At the show, the British manufacturer launched an additional drill into its range, known as the Mzuri IPASS.

Built on the same core principles as the existing range, the IPASS has been developed to offer higher output and low-disturbance seeding, the manufacturer said.

The drill features a 5,000-litre pressurised tank which features four variable-speed electric metering units.

Two units control fertiliser and two control seed, while giving operators the option to shut off half of the width.

The coulter configuration is designed to give the IPASS seeding capabilities into a range of surfaces including cover crops, stubble, grassland and cultivated ground.

Mzuri says the metering system can accommodate all fertiliser compounds and seed types. The iPass is available in widths of 4m, 4.8m, 6m and 8m and operators can choose between two row spacing options per model, while the machine has now entered production.

The Mzuri iPass drill is available in widths of 4m, 4.8m, 6m and 8m

Malone trailed tedder

Malone Farm Machinery finally unveiled its new trailed tedder to the public at the show last week.

The launch followed on from the manufacturer’s entry to the tedder market in late 2015. The new Tedd-air 840 T is the Mayo company’s first trailed tedder.

Continuing with the hook tine design, this six-rotor tedder has a working width of 8.4m (27.5ft), and is understood to be the base model for a larger line of trailed tedders that will soon follow.

Features include the firm’s in-house-designed closed circuit hydraulic stabilisation and locking system, three-position height adjustment, Kennfixx hydraulic connections, a spare wheel and a lighting kit.

With a folded transport length of 4.5m and a transport height of 2.9m, the unit has a transport width of 2.84m and requires two double-acting hydraulic connections.

The unit is priced at €21,500 plus VAT.

The Malone Tedd-air 840 T six-rotor tedder is the Mayo company’s first trailed tedder.

McCormick X6.415

Taking centre stage on the Landini and McCormick stand was the all new McCormick X6.415. The X6.415 sits as the flagship model of the new trio of X6 models. The X6.413, X6.414 and X6.415 are 135hp, 146hp and 155hp, respectively.

Common to each of the models is a Stage V 4.5l, 16-valve, four-cylinder FPT engine.

The P6-Drive transmission sees six powershift gears and four ranges offering a total 24F x 24R ratios which rise to 40F x 40R with the creeper option. Front suspension and 50km/h is optionally available.

Fitted with four PTO speeds, the front linkage can lift up to 2,500kg while the rear electronic lift system can handle up to 7,200kg. In the hydraulics department, the X6 features a 123l/min hydraulic pump and up to seven spool valves

The new high-visibility cab is fitted with mechanical suspension which can be combined with a suspended front axle. Inside the cab is an all-in-one multifunction joystick and a 12in touchscreen terminal.

The McCormick X6.415 is the new flagship X6 tractor churning out a maximum 155hp.

Düvelsdorf rake/roller combination

Düvelsdorf is a German company whose manufacturing takes place in Ukraine, and final assembly takes place in Germany.

Despite the troubles in the country, the manufacturer has said production hasn’t stopped at the factory, which is based in the east of Ukraine.

The company showcased its novel rake/roller combination at the show. It says the idea was to create a multi-talented tool for grassland seeding.

The rake and roller can be used together or in­de­pen­dent­ly.

The rake can be equipped with a levelling bar or levelling paddles, and three rows of adjustable tines.

Each tine section is individually suspended, while trailing support wheels allow for rake height guidance and easy cornering.

It is available in working widths from 3m up to 9m.

The company fits its own air seeders – either standard control or a control module which works wire­less­ly and is com­pa­ti­ble with all seeders can be selected.

The following Terra Roller features toothed ring elements and can be equipped with hydraulically controlled levelling paddles.

The combination is operated using two double-acting control units. The 6m combi unit is priced at€49,000 plus VAT.

The Düvelsdorf novel rake/roller combination is available in working widths from 3m up to 9m.

Ineos Grenadier 4x4

A newcomer to the 4x4 market, Ineos Automotive exhibited its Grenadier 4x4.

This was initially designed to be a no-nonsense, stripped back 4x4 for agricultural and adventure circles as a replacement to the old Land Rover Defender.

Under its Defender-style galvanised body is a steel ladder chassis, solid Carraro beam axles and heavy-duty coil springs.

In terms of powertrain, the Grenadier features an optional 3l straight-six diesel or petrol BMW engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission with manual mode built by ZF and also used by BMW.

It features a constant four-wheel-drive system and a centre differential lock. Towing capacity is rated at 3,500kg.

Front and rear skid plates and dedicated off-road and wading modes come part of the package.

Other features include LED headlights, full size spare wheel and Recaro seats.


The Grenadier is available in both two-and five-seat formats.

The firm has confirmed that its order books will open on 18 May.

It is believed that Dublin-based Orangeworks will be the Irish retailer for the brand.

UK pricing for the basic model starts at £45,000 plus VAT while Irish pricing has not yet been confirmed.

Designed to be a no-nonsense 4x4, the Ineos Grenadier 4x4 made its first show appearance.

Weaving Fenix grass drill

Weaving showcased its new 3m Fenix grass drill, which was launched last spring. The drill features 32 discs (405mm in diameter), which are distributed across two rows and feature a claimed 90kg of downward pressure.

The hardened boron steel discs are fixed to individual holders and secured with rubber shock absorbers.

The distance between the first and the second coulter row is 60cm. Coulter depth adjustment takes place mechanically.

An Accord system looks after the metering, offering seeding rates of 1.8kg to 400kg/ha. The 1,000-litre hopper features rate control via an RDS Artemis Lite, which uses a GPS forward-speed sensor over a radar unit.

The hydraulic fan is driven from the tractor hydraulic system. The oil flow rate in the hydraulic motor amounts to 24l/min, with a minimum required capacity of 70l/min.

There are two diameters of rear cast iron ring rollers available – either the 450mm or 500mm. Weaving recommends a tractor of 140hp+. Pricing starts from €37,170 plus VAT.

The Weaving Fenix grass drill features 32 discs across two rows and is fitted with an Accord seeding unit.

Kubota M6-131U

Kubota exhibited the M6-131U from the M6 Utility series introduced earlier this year to replace the MGX range.

The M6 Utility range comprises five models from 104hp to 143hp, two of which are short wheelbase tractors; (M6-101U and M6-111U) and three of which are long wheelbase (M6-121U, M6-131U and M6-141U).

Short wheelbase tractors feature a Stage V 3.8l in-house four-cylinder engine, while the larger chassis tractors are fitted with a 6.1l four-cylinder Stage V Kubota engine.

All M6-001 Utility models get a 24F x 24R 40km/h semi-powershift transmission with eight powershifts in three mechanical ranges, which increases to 33F x 32R with the optional creeper box.

Each range sees an auto-shifting function for powershifts along with a sensitivity dial, so shifts can be tweaked to the operator’s liking.

The M6-131U is fitted with a 77l/min open-centre hydraulic pump with two spools offered as standard with the option of an additional two. Rear lift capacity is 5,000kg.

The Kubota M6-131U is fitted with a 133hp Kubota four-cylinder engine.

SIP Air 900T

SIP showcased its latest trailed Air 900 T merger. The Air 900 T has been designed to offer a 9m central delivery working width and 7m working width in side delivery mode.

Swath width is adjustable to suit all pickup widths.

It has its own on-board PTO-driven hydraulic pump and a combination of a small diameter pickup rotor, finger rotor and front roller on the pickup unit ensures a smooth flow of forage for the most delicate of crops.

The spring tines on the pickup unit are curved in the opposite direction of travel and thus produce a trailed effect, which ensures a gentle and fast lifting of forage from the ground.

This prevents the introduction of dirt and debris into the swath.

Its trailed pivoting design with hydro-pneumatic suspension and freely rotating skids enables excellent adaptation of the system and lowers pressure to the ground regardless of the terrain.

The SIP Air 900T trailed merger has a 9m central delivery working width.

Massey Ferguson 6S range

Making its show debut was the new 6S tractor range from Massey Ferguson.

The new five-model range replaces the outgoing popular 6700S Series.

The 6S tractors are powered by AGCO Power engines that deliver maximum powers from 135hp to 180hp, with a power boost of between 15hp and 20hp depending on model.

MF says the 6S Series delivers the power and torque of a larger six-cylinder, but with all the benefits of a smaller tractor (2.67m wheelbase and the 4.75m turning radius – which MF claims is the tightest available from any 200hp tractor).

The tractors are designed to handle payloads with a gross vehicle weight of up to 12,500kg. The range features up to a 9,600kg rear linkage capacity and a 110l/min closed-centre load-sensing hydraulics.

It also comes with the option of 150l/min on Dyna-6 models, while Dyna-VT tractors, come with a 190l/min option.

The range come with the option of either the Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission or the well-known Dyna-6 Super-Eco (24 x 24 semi-powershift), with AutoDrive.

Prices start from €108,860 plus VAT.

The Massey Ferguson 6S made its show debut.

HiSun electric UTV

Barrus LTD exhibited the HiSun range of ATVs and UTVs. Catching the attention of many was the all-electric HS15D UTV-2 electric UTV.

It features a 15kW AC motor which provides 37.5kW (50hp) of max power and 168Nm of torque.

The lithium ion battery is said to have a 16.5kWh capacity. According to the manufacturer, run time ranges between six and eight hours, depending on use, while charge time is in the region of 5.5 hours.

The transmission features a low, medium and high range as well as neutral and reverse.

As expected, 2wd and 4wd is switchable.

Dual A-arm suspension is fitted front and rear with an overall ground clearance of 31cm.

The gas-assisted rear tipping cargo deck has a 150kg carrying capacity. The total weight of the UTV is 820kg, while it is rated to tow 350kg.

Models can be optioned with or without an enclosed cab with a range of colours also optional.

The HS15D comes road legal as standard.

The HiSun HS15D UTV-2 electric UTV is fitted with a 37.5kW motor, claiming a six- to eight-hour run time.

Spreadpoint demount

Spreadpoint used the show as a launch pad to take the wraps off its new demount range of spreaders.

The spreader now comes with the option of being added to any tool carrier.

The manufacturer explained that the launch of this range is driven by export, but it feels it is also very applicable to Ireland as the use of self-propelled machines can help combat poor ground conditions.

We see such a trend in countries like New Zealand and Australia, where specialist contractors use such an option, mounting machines on the likes of modified JCB Fastracs or Mercedes Unimogs.

The SP Demount range will be available in four sizes, including the SP-300 3m3, SP-500 5m3, SP-700 7m3 and the SP-900 9m3. Depending on the requirement, on-board hydraulic control can be fitted.

Similar to the brand’s existing range of machines, the spreader features a monocoque chassis design, a maintenance-free protected roller design and a modular spreading unit design, which can be fitted with the standard twin discs (SPA) or single salt disc (SDA), or the 12m stainless steel auger system (SXA).

Pricing starts from €21,000 (£18,000) plus VAT.

Spreadpoint launched its SP Demount range of lime spreaders ranging in capacity from 3m3 to 9m3.