This isn't cottage pie - it's 'hot dish'
Janine Kennedy
If you have potato leftovers and need to make a quick dinner, this twist on a classic Minnesota hot dish will do the trick, writes Janine Kennedy.
1 February 2023 News
Looking for a special wine? Your local independent wine vendor can help
This February, whether celebrating Valentine's Day or simply showing some self-love, you can find the perfect bottle through your local independent wine merchant.
1 February 2023 News
Food coach Tracie Daly offers guidance to rural hospitality entrepreneurs
How can we help rural businesses not just survive, but thrive in the current climate? In the first of our Thriving Rural Hospitality series, Janine Kennedy speaks with business coach Tracie Daly.
Avoiding foodborne illness with a few simple steps
These are the things I learned in professional kitchens, and what I do at home, to help avoid foodborne illness, writes Janine Kennedy.
1 February 2023 News
These farm-style brown sugar cookies are the perfect simple treat
Inspired by Janine Kennedy's Aunt Joan in Canada, these cookies are made with kitchen basics and a lot of love
28 January 2023 Recipes
Think snail farming is a get-rich-quick scheme? Think again
Heliciculture, or snail farming, in Ireland could meet the rising demand for snails internationally, but are we ready to go that far?
25 January 2023 News
Could Irish sean bhó (cull cow) give vaca vieja a run for its money?
Janine Kennedy looks at the rising popularity of "retired" dairy cow meat abroad and, more recently, at home in Ireland.
18 January 2023 News
Interested in developing agri-tourism on your farm? Here’s what you need to know
Unique and genuine rural travel experiences are what visitors most crave and Irish farms are able to provide this, writes Janine Kennedy
11 January 2023 Consumer
Meet the Co Waterford bakery taking 'farm to fork' to new heights
Dún Artisan Bakery is making waves on Co Waterford’s Copper Coast; taking a circular approach to their thriving food business.
11 January 2023 Features
These boureka-inspired pinwheels are the perfect soup-dippers
Buttery, cheesy and flaky - these puff pastry pinwheels are inspired by Middle Eastern-style bourekas and come together in a pinch. Janine Kennedy writes
10 January 2023 Recipes
Today, Nollaig na mBan means taking a day to appreciate the women in our lives
The origins of Women's Christmas, or Nollaig na mBan, are obscure, but today, Irish women are creating their own ways to celebrate.
5 January 2023 Features
Were you a victim of an online scam over the holidays? If so, you’re not alone
Online scams can appear legitimate and can be difficult to spot, but there are ways you can protect yourself, writes Janine Kennedy.
4 January 2023 Consumer