A range of MX-built Kubota loaders is available for M-series Kubota tractors including the M4, M5, M6 and M7 models which span the 66-170hp sector.

Kubota says the orange-liveried LK loader models provide an integrated, high-precision materials handling solution for M-series tractors.

There are three series of loader available, badged LK U (utility-mechanical), LK M (mechanical) and LK H (hydraulic). All three differ in specification, lift capacity and tractor suitability. LK U and LK M versions offer a mechanical parallel lift and a headstock that uses automatic mechanical attachment locking, while LK H loaders benefit from a hydraulic parallel lift system. All models can be equipped with the optional Mach 2 coupling for loader and attachment hydraulic services, which delivers simultaneous coupling of hydraulic and electrical connections in a single action.

Meanwhile, loader numbering now closely reflects lift capacities, which extend from 1,180kg to 2,410kg depending on model, while maximum lift height at the pivot point is from 3.5m to 4.15m.


Three control systems options are available, including the cable-operated ProPilot joystick; a low-pressure servo-based FlexPilot joystick; or the electronic e-Pilot S control system. Push-button control options are available for auxiliary services, and depending on the model, these can also include a fourth hydraulic service and an automatic return to dig function.

There are three series of loader available, badged LK U (utility-mechanical), LK M (mechanical) and LK H (hydraulic).

Fitting and removing the loader is straightforward, with Kubota claiming the operator only needs to leave the cab once to unlock the loader, as the drive-in format relocks automatically when engaged. LK H models can be equipped with the optional Fastlock attachment connection and Speedlink third and fourth service connections, enabling attachment swaps without needing to leave the cab.

LK loaders are priced from €8,710 (£7,278) plus VAT for the LK1500U model in loader-ready configuration including a third service, tractor brackets and Pro Pilot joystick controls.