John Richard Horan sowing the yearly drills of potatoes for his neighbour Brendan Casey (left). His son John and grandson Oliver joined them for a photo in the field when they stopped for a break.

Anya and Bradley Doyle saying their goodnights to all the new girls this year. Mapel is the pet calf who is always up for the chats. \ Laura Doyle

Billy Sisk and his grandson Jack Sisk from Fountainstown, Co Cork, learning the ropes on feeding the cattle in January. Jack has his own lightweight blue pike and feeds the cattle every Sunday morning. \ Ruth Sisk

Thirteen-year-old Emilie Kelso feeding her lambs. Her daddy Andrew is worried now that her sheep may end up taking over his dairy farm in Co Tyrone. \ Andrew Kelso

Young farmer Conor O’Grady pictured with his grandad Michael Naughton and twin Charolais calves born on the farm in Knockcroghery, Co Roscommon. \ Paula Naughton

Eight-month-old Joe O'Donnell meeting his four-week-old pups in Ardara, Co Donegal. \ Jim O'Donnell

Five-year-old Donnacha McAndrew minding his sheep in Co Sligo. \ Orna McAndrew

Fionn, Rosie, Charlotte and uncle John helping out at granddad Coady’s farm in Ballymurphy, Co Carlow. \ Margaret Coady

Sienna and Siân McDonnell helping their granddad John Mulcahy feeding a newborn calf. \ John Mulcahy

Melanie O'Donoghue sent us this photo of the last Dexter calf born for the season, a beautiful red heifer, weighing 15.5kg.

Eighty-eight-year-old Jim Lynam of Hortland, Donadea, Co Kildare, chain harrowing with his beloved TVO Ferguson 20 which he bought over 60 years ago. \ Karl Lynam

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