Over the past number of weeks, a lot of emphasis has been put on slurry as part of the Footprint Farmers Programme.

Slurry can have so many benefits on farm, from supplying nutrients to increasing soil organic matter and helping to increase biodiversity in the soil when applied appropriately and improve soil structure.

However, if we do not measure, we cannot manage, so slurry testing is a very important tool to improve nutrient use efficiency and to improve your fertiliser planning in a year of high prices.


The links below will bring you through the recent articles on slurry from the Footprint Farmers Programme.

To learn how to sample your slurry, click on this link.

Translating your slurry test results to units per 1,000 gallons can be complicated. There is a quick explainer on what to do on this link.

To find out what the slurry tests from the Footprint Farmers programme revealed, click here.

Once you have your slurry test results, these figures need to be used to improve nutrient use efficiency. Click on this link to see how to use these slurry test results.