CAP effects ‘not significant’ on animal welfare – EU study
Noel Bardon
Outdoor production systems favour animal welfare and allow animals to express their natural behaviours, a European Commission study has found.
14 May 2022 Thrive
Thrive weekly roundup: dealing with high costs and feeding calves at grass
Can farmers afford to feed meal to calves at grass over the first grazing season and some programme farmers outline how they are overcoming higher input costs - all in the Thrive weekly roundup.
Silage Series: count what you have and what you need
Adam Woods kicks off an Irish Farmers Journal initiative, which aims to highlight silage budgeting, silage-making and fodder issues on farms over the next few months.
NI Sheep Programme: Reseeding plans in Co Antrim
Co Antrim sheep farmer Dermot McAleese is gearing up to reseed grazing and silage swards this summer.
11 May 2022 Grass & feeding
Thrive weekly roundup: demo farm grazing update and tasks for dairy-beef farms
This week's dairy-beef programme roundup has a video update from the demo farm where grass growth has really taken off. We outline three key jobs to be carried out on dairy-beef farms this month.
7 May 2022 Management
Beginners' tips for setting up grazing paddocks
For farmers considering paddock grazing to improve grass utilisation, outlined are some tips to get up and running.
7 May 2022 Management
Silver-bullet meat replacements are not the solution, report finds
Report tackles the complexities of meat production and the environment with an element of balance that is usually missing.
5 May 2022 News
Thrive weekly roundup: selecting high beef merit sires and demo farm update
This week's Thrive dairy beef programme update looks at selecting beef sires for next year's calf crop, as well as outlining the current grazing management on the Thrive demonstration farm.
30 April 2022 Management
Watch: breeding progressing well on Tullamore Farm
Niamh Gunn chats with Shaun Diver to see what’s happening on Tullamore Farm this week.
29 April 2022 News
Robotic milking grazing: simple as A, B, C blocks
The Gilsenan family in Co Meath are milking 260 cows with four robots in a grass-based system.
27 April 2022 Buildings
Farmer Writes: taking a careful approach to reducing fertiliser
It is important to remember that spreading too little fertiliser could increase the need for concentrates, writes farmer Brian Nicholson.
27 April 2022 News
Clover is a long-term solution, not a quick fix
Trevor Boland held a Teagasc clover farm walk outlining his learnings from trial work carried out on his farm in Sligo last year. Declan Marren reports.
27 April 2022 Grass & feeding