Combining costs to hit €80/acre as harvest nears - FCI
Peter Thomas Keaveney
The breakeven rate for operating a combine for 2022 will be €70/acre plus VAT or €80/acre including VAT, before straw chopping, according to the Association of Farm & Forestry Contrators (FCI).
29 June 2022 Husbandry
Tillage Management: final sprays go on as harvest draws nearer
As we move into July the crop protection season is about over, except for rape desiccation and fungicides on beans, and harvest is almost upon us.
22 June 2022 Markets
Grain Trends: another bout of softening prices
Volatility has become a bigger factor in grain and other markets in recent weeks as markets continue to try to adjust to general commodity volatility.
Dairy Management: how much fertiliser for second cut?
A look at how much fertiliser is required for second cut silage and how best to manage breeding bulls.
8 June 2022 Management
Grain Trends: prices ease back on trade hopes
Markets have been heavily affected by talks that seek to establish a shipping export corridor to be opened up for Ukrainian grains.
1 June 2022 Markets
What are the best days for silage this week?
Aidan Brennan takes a look at the national weather forecast to see what days, if any might be suitable for silage this week.,
30 May 2022 Grass & feeding
Farmer Writes: trying to get camping before the harvest
Camping is on the mind of farmer Gerald Potterton, but only if he could get away before the harvest.
25 May 2022 Farmer Writes
Tillage podcast: rethinking N rates, Flahavan’s, net blotch and solar farms
This week, Stephen, Andy and Siobhan run through key agronomy tips for the week, discuss net blotch and ask if it’s time to rethink nitrogen rates on winter wheat.
19 May 2022 News
IFA potato report: early potato harvest kicks off
IFA potato market report 18.05.22.
18 May 2022 Markets
Flahavan’s – self-sufficient, sustainable and to be celebrated
Siobhan Walsh and Stephen Robb recently visited Flahavan’s Mill, where they learned of the sustainability measures implemented by the company over the years.
18 May 2022 News
Opinion: sensible decisions rendered seemingly reckless
The senseless invasion of Ukraine has made forward selling a loss-making operation for farmers, and there are no easy solutions.
14 May 2022 Opinion
In The Fields: the makings of a bountiful harvest
In recent years I have come to associate cold springs with higher yield potential and I hope that this one can deliver once again.
11 May 2022 Crops