Potato blight forecasting tools updated
Steven Kildea describes the latest developments in potato blight forecasting which will help with fungicide decisions.
15 June 2022 Markets
IFA potato report: demand high for main-crop
EU potato export markets have not been as lively as many expected, the IFA reports.
13 June 2022 News
Obituary: Ray Coyle, farmer, entrepreneur and theme park creator
Like Mr Tayto, Ray Coyle became a household name in Ireland, building Largo Foods and Tayto Park.
Improving risk assessment and detection of wireworm
At the recent World Potato Congress, Martyn Cox explained how we can better understand and assess the risk posed to crops by wireworms.
13 June 2022 Husbandry
IFA potato report: bagging trade sluggish
Export markets are quiet, with imported supplies having taken over until the early sector kicks back into play.
8 June 2022 News
Planting in style World Potato Congress demonstration day
As part of last week’s 11th World Potato Congress held in Ireland, a technical demonstration day was held at the Country Crest Maple Lodge Farm in Dublin.
8 June 2022 News
'When we returned to the farm, we could still hear the shelling and rockets'
As Ukrainian soldiers pushed the Russians back from their positions in Chernihiv oblast, farmers followed to plant wheat and potatoes. One of them, Mykola Gordiychuk, tells his story.
6 June 2022 News
€3m investment aid for seed potato sector scheme open
Minister McConalogue and Minister of State Hackett have also announced €210,000 for the promotion of mushrooms in the UK.
4 June 2022 News
‘Huge potential’ to grow seed potato sector
A heavy reliance on imported seed potatoes has left the sector exposed to Brexit shocks, however, developing the seed industry at home could provide a solution.
1 June 2022 News
IFA potato report: no lifting of Queens 'for weeks'
It will still be few weeks before the first liftings of Queens take place in the southeast.
1 June 2022 Markets
Improved profitability needed to turn around 'declining' veg sector
A greater balance between livestock and other food production systems is needed for Ireland’s agri-food sustainability to be improved, the Government’s special envoy on food systems has said.
1 June 2022 News
World Potato Congress a chance for Ireland to ‘refocus’ on crop
Global leaders in the potato industry will address topics ranging from international markets, to sustainability and nutrition, all through the lens of the potato.
30 May 2022 News