Fodder Support Scheme rolled over
Rachel Donovan
Up to €30m for a fodder support scheme is to be paid in December 2022.
21 September 2022 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: minding concentrates, concentrates the mind
With an increase in ration prices over the year, Tommy Moyles is looking at where he can make savings without compromising on animal performance.
21 September 2022 Viewpoints
Home Farm: high silage intakes
On the tillage side, we are consciously slightly delaying the sowing of the winter barley
One-third of farmers cut stock numbers
The survey of 1,800 farmers found that 36% of beef farmers and 37% of sheep farmers have cut numbers.
21 September 2022 News
High-risk time for bloat in livestock
Low dry matter and low fibre content in grass, along with longer nights with a heavy dew, is combining to make it a high-risk time for bloat, writes Aidan Brennan
19 September 2022 Management
Five management tasks for autumn
The list of jobs to complete on the farm is never ending. Outlined are five jobs to keep on top of this autumn.
17 September 2022 Management
Prodig to showcase suite of attachments at Ploughing
Among its wide range of attachments set to be on display at this year’s Ploughing will be the new Prodig Shear range.
15 September 2022 News
Quicke releases new range of Silocut implements
Quicke has released a new range of Silocut implements, which act as a shear grab and also splits bales while retaining the net/plastic.
14 September 2022 News
Farmer Writes: a big weekend, Garth Brooks and vaccinating cows
I have to say I really hate the thoughts of the winter starting. It’s never so bad when you get into it, but the thought of starting back into it is just not nice.
12 September 2022 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: savings of over €7,000 on fertiliser
Rain returned to Ardfield after a dry spell that was reminiscent to 2006.
7 September 2022 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: spring barley brings harvest to a close
With silage made and the last fertiliser applied, there is just the spring barley finish off, writes Robert McConaghy.
31 August 2022 Northern Ireland
East-West fodder market turned on its head
The traditional scenario of an abundance of feed in the east and farmers in the west being tight on winter fodder has been well and truly turned on its head this year.
31 August 2022 News