May health tips: summer scour syndrome
Check out this month’s animal health tips from Tom McTeague, Animal Health Ireland.
Can sucklers shine in 2022?
Adam Woods looks at what’s in this week’s suckler focus.
1 December 2021 News
ICBF launches pilot DNA registration programme
Adam Woods has the details of a new pilot DNA calf registration programme being rolled out by ICBF
Beef and sheep trade review and outlook
Seamus McMenamin, sector manager, sheepmeat and livestock, and Mark Zieg, sector manager, beef, review the beef and sheep meat trade for 2021 and outlook for 2022.
Next CAP: how to access the new agri-environmental scheme
Priority access will be offered to organic farmers and farmers with high nature value farmland or what is being termed priority environmental assets.
10 November 2021 Schemes
Connemara-Mayo sheep group harnessing strength in numbers
The new Connemara-Mayo Blackface Breeding Group has generated a positive reaction with upcoming sale dates offering approximately 1,800 ewes and some 440 rams.
22 September 2021 Markets
UK meat plants look to prisons to fill worker shortage
Meat industry bodies in the UK have met with the UK government to put plans in place to allow more prisoners to work in meat factories to fill the worker deficit.
24 August 2021 News
Government must back ‘Food Vision 2030’ with proper investment
The Government needs to come forward with a plan to support key sectors with maximum co-financing of the CAP.
11 August 2021 Community
Letter: fencing livestock from rivers and streams
"The fencing is of poor quality or non-existent in many parts" – Donal Deering, Sion Road, Kilkenny.
28 July 2021 Viewpoints
Green Party aims to change planning requirements for solar PV arrays
The bill has been introduced ahead of the anticipated summer launch of the microgeneration support scheme.
23 June 2021 News
Weekly podcast: NDC calls for more co-ops to cough up funds and yoga for farmers
This week, we hear from the NDC CEO about why more co-ops need to get on board; we have mart reports on beef and sheep; the latest farm survey figures from IFAC; and introduce farmers to yoga.
14 April 2021 News
Macra na Feirme’s new website
The new Macra website aims to support greater interaction online.
10 February 2021 Community