Sheep Management: blowfly strike, weighing scales calibration and FEC
Darren Carty
The risk of flystrike in lambs is likely to increase in the coming weeks and farmers should be on guard to pre-empt issues and ensure performance is not compromised.
NI Sheep Programme: drafting spring lambs under way
Co Tyrone sheep farmer Mark Davidson has started drafting this year's lamb crop for slaughter. Kieran Mailey reports.
4 June 2022 Management
Management practices for efficient lamb castration
Vaccination and blowfly preventative measures are important, along with adopting the correct technique.
Sheep management: grassland management, TAMS and safety precautions
Lamb performance frequently dips on many farms due to poor-quality grass in the pre and post-weaning period, potentially undoing the good work in early lactation.
1 June 2022 Management