Opinion: sensible decisions rendered seemingly reckless
Pat O'Toole
The senseless invasion of Ukraine has made forward selling a loss-making operation for farmers, and there are no easy solutions.
20 April 2022 News
Malting barley hits €400/t for Boortmalt suppliers
Boortmalt suppliers had been awaiting some indication on where malting barley price was sitting as the French price used to calculate the price here in Ireland is not widely available.
14 April 2022 News
Tillage podcast: Boortmalt transparency, Crop Protection magazine and barley at €310/t
It’s been another big week on the tillage podcast. In this episode, the team discuss the transparency of Boortmalt, green harvest feed grain surpassing €300/t and Crop Protection magazine.
Suppliers awaiting clarity on Boortmalt price
As feed prices continue to rise, some malting barley suppliers are wondering should they be looking at the feed market for their crops.
13 April 2022 News
New season of From the Tramlines kicks off
Stephen Robb profiles all 12 tillage farmers who are taking part in this year’s From the Tramlines series.
23 March 2022 News
Boortmalt to 'pay a bonus deduction' for low-KPH barley
The country’s largest maltster will penalise growers for malting barley with specific weights of below 63KPH this year.
10 February 2022 News
Tillage podcast: veg sector crisis, forward prices and fossil-free fertiliser
This week, the tillage team discusses the key tillage news stories of the week including forward prices, the crisis in the veg sector, paying farmers to reduce emissions and hydrogen-based fertiliser.
3 February 2022 News
Boortmalt offers €270/t forward price
The country’s largest maltster is offering a forward price of €270/t for up to 40% of growers' 2022 malting barley contract.
1 February 2022 News
Tillage Podcast: crop areas, regen farming, renewable diesel and Boortmalt
On week 16 of the Tillage Podcast, the team discusses the results from harvest 2021, grazing winter oilseed rape, regenerative farming, renewable diesel and Boortmalt’s fixed price of €250/t.
18 November 2021 Crops
From the Tramlines: pests make presence known in crops
Stephen Robb talks to growers from counties Cork, Laois and Kildare where all sowing is now finished. Pests are proving to be problematic, however.
17 November 2021 Crops
Boortmalt offers €250/t forward price for 2022
Boortmalt, Ireland’s largest maltsters, is offering a record high forward price for barley for 2022.
12 November 2021 News
Donegal whiskey production using local grain set to return after 181 years
Whiskey production using locally grown barley is set to return to Donegal for the first time in 181 years.
2 November 2021 News