Sheep Management: weed control, safeguarding chemical use and tick control
Darren Carty
The growth stage at which weeds are treated can have a big bearing on the success of treatment.
13 April 2022 Crop protection
A year like no other before
Escalating costs in a war-torn Europe should prompt a rethink on how EU policies have shaped our agriculture and our real concerns for food security.
6 April 2022 Farm machinery
Is your sprayer in check and up to spec?
Gary Abbott met with Gavin Weldon of sprayer specialists Wel-Tech to get his advice when it comes to sprayer maintenance and what to consider before applying liquid fertilisers.
Clover sprays available but seed is scarce
With a huge increase in the demand for clover seed, it looks like supply could be under pressure, writes Aidan Brennan.
15 March 2022 Reseeding
UK grants emergency authorisation for sugar beet neonicotinoid
The UK government has approved the emergency authorisation of the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam to protect sugar beet crops against beet yellows virus, which is spread by aphids.
18 January 2022 News
Livestock can teach us about life on earth
We can get adequate intakes of all the minerals and vitamins that our bodies require by eating a balanced diet.
3 January 2022 News
IFJ Junior: Do you call the mammary gland the udder or the elder?
UCD Professor of farming Tommy Boland explains how the mammary gland works and why dairy farmers dry off their cows at this time of year.
2 December 2021 News
Seed multiplication Australian style
Continuously stressed margins can pressure seed businesses, royalty collection and impact on the development of new and better varieties.
29 November 2021 Crops
Over half of farmers inspected by HSA receive written advice
The HSA completed 897 inspections and investigations in the sector last year.
3 November 2021 News
Abiding by environment agency rules for safe dip disposal
This week's sheep feature discussed responsible sheep dipping and footbathing to protect water quality. In this article we recap on the requirements in Northern Ireland.
30 October 2021 Breeding & health
Chemical nitrogen-free pastures can be the future – Hackett
Minister Hackett has called on livestock farmers to consider trying out new ways of managing their pastures.
20 October 2021 News
€5m farm safety scheme to open this week
Eligible equipment in the scheme includes chemical storage cabinets and anti-backing gates.
6 October 2021 News