Catch crop establishment: what are the options?
Gary Abbott
With the harvest well wrapped in many parts of the country, the focus of many farmers has been turned to sowing catch crops, Gary Abbott looks at some of the suitable establishment methods and costs.
10 August 2022 Farm machinery
Over 52,000ha of straw going through the chopper
Peter Thomas Keaveney takes a look at good practices surrounding straw incorporation and speaks to two farmers using different types of machines to carry out the job.
10 August 2022 Northern Ireland
New research sheds light on soil carbon
The researchers conclude that soil compaction could negatively affect how much carbon a grassland field is able to accumulate in the future.
Five farm maintenance jobs for mid-summer
Farm maintenance is a never-ending task. Where the workload has eased between jobs such as silage, outlined are some maintenance jobs to consider carrying out.
23 July 2022 Management
10 steps to autumn reseeding grass swards
Where farmers are planning to reseed this autumn, Kieran Mailey outlines some steps to consider.
20 July 2022 Northern Ireland
Soil degradation costing EU over €50bn annually
The deterioration of EU soils represents one of the greatest challenges to human food security.
15 July 2022 News
Growing costs on AHDB cereal monitor farm
Alastair Criag outlined the cost of growing winter barley on his farm near Ballykelly, Co Derry at a recent farm walk.
13 July 2022 Northern Ireland
Five tips to reseeding grass swards
For farmers planning on reseeding grass, outlined are five tips to consider.
25 June 2022 Management