Energy in agriculture event to take place in Gurteen College on 19 July
Stephen Robb
The show, which hasn’t taken place since 2019, will return this year and is set to cover a range of topics in the farm renewable energy sector.
25 April 2022 News
Climate action poses opportunities for midlands’ farmers - report
Farmers in the midlands could benefit from additional income sources provided by the closing of peat-fired power plants, the final progress report of the Just Transition Commissioner has found.
21 March 2022 News
Ireland to participate in new EU agri-biodiversity network
This research network is aimed at improving agricultural biodiversity and ecosystems.
Government policy ‘at odds’ with diversification rhetoric - Macra
Macra has hit out at what it has said is a “continued disconnect” between stated Government policy and that which is enacted.
25 February 2022 News
Want a new hobby? Why not try wildlife photography?
Award-winning 12-year-old wildlife photographer Rossa Bracken tells IFJ Junior readers about his love for his hobby and how it is easy to start taking your own pictures.
20 February 2022 Diversification
Two-year court battle finally over for Glanbia
The plant, delayed for two years by the legal challenges from An Taisce, will be operational by 2024, says Glanbia.
16 February 2022 News
On-farm renewable energy: what's in store for 2022
The Government has set 2022 up to be a landmark year for farmers in the renewable energy transition but now it’s time to follow through.
29 December 2021 News
Canadian sheep farmer lambs four times a year on YouTube
Sandi Brock's fully indoor, high-intensity margin and animal welfare-driven 450-ewe system is typical of many found in Canada.
27 December 2021 News
Going from four to 1,500 sheep in six years on YouTube
The Sheep Game YouTube channel tracks Cammy Wilson’s highs and lows as a Scottish sheep farmer, shearer and scanner.
23 December 2021 News
Opinion: the untapped potential of bioenergy in Irish agriculture
A blindspot exists in Irish policy and support towards bioenergy compared to other renewable energy technologies, writes Seán Finan, CEO of the Irish Bioenergy Association.
22 December 2021 News
Revealed: new AD measures in climate action plan
The climate action plan sets ambitious targets for the scale-up of biomethane production - here’s how the Government proposes to do it.
21 December 2021 News
Solutions needed for horticultural sector ‘on its knees’
Horticultural peat and growing media producers say the lack of peat alternatives over the next four to five years could lead to the demise of the sector.
10 December 2021 News