Neven Maguire: entertaining at home – a spread to wow
Neven Maguire
Break the cycle of turkey and ham sandwiches over the Christmas period for your dinner guests with these impressive dishes from Neven Maguire.
12 August 2020 Neven
Neven Maguire: duck, duck, goat
This week, Neven Maguire has two delicious salads that will leave you feeling satisfied
26 February 2020 Neven
Neven Maguire: flavour fusion
With exotic and foreign ingredients becoming more widely available in Ireland, Neven Maguire shares some Asian recipes with an Irish touch
GIY: The ducks are back in town
After a brief hiatus, the ducks are back in the garden, writes GIY founder Michael Kelly.
27 June 2018 Features
Moy Park - the rise of a poultry giant
From humble beginnings Moy Park is the largest private sector company in Northern Ireland.
24 June 2017 Poultry
Summer meals with a tasty twist
Neven Maguire serves up some delicious ideas for a refreshing summer meal.
23 July 2014 Neven
Light Refreshments - Neven Recipes 13072013
This week's recipes: Smoked silverhill duck salad with clarke strawberry dressing & Bacon, mozzarella and pine nut salad
23 October 2013 Neven
Bouncing lambs are the perfect postcard picture on an Enniskerry farm
Lambing season has gone smoothly this spring on Waterfall farm in the valley of Glencree, Co Wicklow, despite Michael's odd approach to keeping check on sheep during the night, writes Hannah Bolger.
30 November -0001 Blog
Living and learning on the farm: the case of the dead duck
Disruptive crows, an attempt to bring a dearly missed pet duck back to life and some serious beltings all formed part of Ger Murphy*’s early education.
30 November -0001 Blog