Guarding against inbreeding in hill sheep flocks
Darren Carty
Eamon Wall, Sheep Ireland, outlines the steps that breeding groups and ram breeders can take to reduce the risk of inbreeding and reassure customers they are not purchasing any such issues.
7 September 2022 News
Over three million beef weight recordings in Ireland since 2019
More than three million cow and calf weights have been recorded with ICBF since the start of 2019.
13 August 2022 Breeding & health
Thrive: open day summary and booklet
Over 2,000 people attended the Thrive dairy calf-to-beef open day on Tuesday. Declan Marren outlines some of the key messages from the day.
Genetics, genomics and GHG emissions pave the path to 2030
Adam Woods previews what’s inside this week’s special breeding focus.
6 April 2022 Breeding & health
Captain leads April genomic rankings
Genosource Captain has moved back to the top of the Holstein UK young genomic bull list for April.
6 April 2022 Northern Ireland