Rural GP shortage: avoiding the abyss
Margaret Hawkins
Continuing our series on rural GP shortage, Margaret Hawkins talks to doctors’ organisations representatives about their ‘shopping list’ of solutions to ensure equal medical care for rural people.
21 September 2022 Health
Rural healthcare: doctors under pressure
This week Margaret Hawkins looks at what has caused access to GPs to become a problem, especially in rural Ireland.
14 September 2022 Health
Investigation Part 1: Doctor shortage causing strife
In the first part of our four-week rural healthcare series, Margaret Hawkins looks at patients’ struggles to access GP care.
Health at the Ploughing, from screening to help quitting smoking
Attending the National Ploughing Championships next week? Margaret Hawkins finds out about some of the health-related help that will be there
14 September 2022 Health
Top tips to care for your children's teeth
School is just around the corner again, but when it comes to teeth, what free care is your child entitled to - and when - during their time in education?
17 August 2022 Health
Men's Health Week: Prostate cancer
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in Ireland, but early diagnosis can mean a good outcome, writes Margaret Hawkins.
15 June 2022 Health