Health: vital support group for ICU patients in recovery
Margaret Hawkins
ICU numbers hit the headlines every day during the pandemic but what is the reality of being that ill, whatever the cause, and what supports do ICU patients need afterwards? asks Margaret Hawkins.
9 February 2022 Features
The Son & Heir: one day at a time
Being the parent of an alcoholic can have life long challenges. In the last of our three part series, we finish the story of Sonny and his parents.
15 December 2021 Katherine O'Leary
Katherines country: A voice on the radio brings a flashback to calving 2020
Dr Catherine Motherway suggests that everyone will, in time, get COVID-19 which makes sense to Katherine O’Leary. Instead of it being a frightening prospect, the realisation somehow reduces the fear.
Volunteering strengthens rural communities
It’s National Volunteering Week – a chance to recognise the vital work of volunteers throughout Ireland. The team at Irish Country Living speaks with volunteer groups from each of our four provinces
12 May 2021 Features
Reader Writes: Matt Ryan on his COVID holiday
Farm discussion group grandee, Matt Ryan and his wife Pat, found themselves in two separate but wholly satisfactory COVID ‘hotels’of late. He tells us how it came about.
12 May 2021 Reader writes
Pushing boundaries
Chef Joyce Timmins worked in some of Ireland's finest kitchens, but her role in challenging institutional cuisine in our hospitals and care homes has become her life's work and claim to fame. Janine
27 January 2021 Features
Dear Miriam: ‘I don’t like my bridesmaid dress’
Dear Miriam, can I ask my friend to change her bridesmaid dresses?
6 January 2021 Features
"Close the toilet lid before you flush" and other unexpected COVID-19 tips
Want some reminders about how to stay safe when you have guests in your house this Christmas and New Year? Some tips for staying well this winter? Margaret Hawkins has these Healthbytes and more.
22 December 2020 Health
The advice is all there, we decide what we do with it
Advice not to share cutlery, to go for check-ups, what to eat, what not to eat – it’s all there but those not in a position to make their own choices must abhor the guidance. Amii McKeever writes
9 December 2020 Amii
I’m worried about labour without my husband
Dear Miriam, as a first-time mother, I’m worried about going into hospital without my husband by my side
25 November 2020 Ask Miriam
Health: managing asthma and coping with COVID-19
Every four minutes, someone with asthma attends a hospital Emergency Department in this country. Acute or fatal asthma attacks are preventable, however, through management, writes Margaret Hawkins
18 November 2020 Health
"Rev It Up" fundraiser for the Irish Kidney Association
Bree Vintage Club are holding a "Rev it Up" fundraiser for the Irish Kidney Association
16 October 2020