Beef management: keeping on top of calf scour
Kieran Mailey
Calf scour has become an issue on suckler farms as stocking densities in sheds increase due to changeable weather slowing turnout.
15 March 2022 Management
Sheep management: peak lambing activity, selecting replacements and hygiene
With a relatively positive forecast, flocks which are lambing should take every opportunity to get animals turned out to reduce workload, pressure on housing and enhance hygiene standards.
15 March 2022 Management
Beef Management: preparing stock for sale and silage budgets
With farmers selling stock earlier than usual this year, Declan Marren looks at the importance of having stock fit for sale. From a fodder point of view, it's time to budget for next winter.
Keeping on top of hygiene in the calving shed
Ground conditions are still marginal, delaying the turnout of cows and calves to grass. As calving sheds fill up, keeping on top of hygiene is crucial to lower disease risks.
8 March 2022 Management
Spike in weather-related eye issues
The recent storms and continued inclement weather is likely to be responsible for a reported increase in ewes succumbing to eye problems and temporary blindness.
2 March 2022 Animal Health
Over 3,000 food complaints lodged in 2021
Complaints ranged from unwanted objects in food such as hair to incorrect information on food labelling.
2 March 2022 News
Sheep Management: high-concentrate diets, weather woes and lambing prep
Where forage quality is poor then there will be little options in late pregnancy but to increase the level of concentrates offered to ewes.
23 February 2022 Management
Thrive weekly roundup: preparing sheds for calf arrival
This week's dairy-beef roundup looks at preparing sheds for calf arrival, as well as looking at the importance of hygiene in the shed, feed equipment and your own workwear on maintaining calf health.
19 February 2022 Management
Five steps to preventing calf scour
On suckler farms that normally keep cows housed for a short period after calving, scour can be an issue. Outlined are five ways to minimise the risk to calves.
19 February 2022 Management
Beef management: tips on preventing scour ahead of calving
Adam Woods takes a look at preventing scours ahead of the calving season and shares some tips on treating sick calves.
9 February 2022 Management
Hygiene and colostrum critical in combating watery mouth
Farmers can no longer rely on the routine use of oral antibiotics due to availability issues with Spectam Scour Halt and tighter restrictions around the use of antimicrobials.
9 February 2022 Lambing
Early lactation feeding for all eventualities
Feeding programmes need to be correctly implemented so that ewes are not prevented from reaching peak milk yield.
22 January 2022 Management