Lemken and Krone combine to demonstrate autonomous system
Peter Thomas Keaveney
Combined Powers is a joint project between Lemken and Krone and involves an autonomous tractor concept which was showcased in the field last week. Peter Thomas Keaveney and Gary Abbott report.
11 May 2022 News
Steketee introduces self-steering frame option for all mechanical hoes
Lemken has just introduced the Steketee ‘EC-Steer’, a parallel steering frame which converts any existing hoe to joystick or camera-guided steering through being mounted between the tractor and hoe.
6 April 2022 News
Lemken and Krone combine powers to present autonomous system
Combined Powers is the name of a joint project between Lemken and Krone and it involves a diesel-electric autonomous tractor design concept.
Lemken hits sales of €446m in record year
The company has said that incoming orders are exceeding expectations.
23 March 2022 News
30% shorter chop for new Pöttinger Jumbo 8000
Pöttinger has introduced a new chop system to its Jumbo 8000 forage wagons capable of chopping 30% shorter than before. A theoretical chop length of 25mm can now be achieved.
3 March 2022 News
Fendt to stop building trailed sprayers
Fendt will cease production of Rogator trailed sprayers this year largely as result of looming EU regulation to reduce the usage of plant protection products.
2 March 2022 News
Lemken to build new factory for hoeing technology
Lemken is set to build a new factory in the Netherlands, where it is expanding its manufacturing of Steketee mechanical weeding options.
23 February 2022 News
Lemken continues work on carbon plough
Lemken, in response to research conducted by a German research centre, is working on a Carbon Farming Plough to aid the process of introducing carbon back into the soil while increasing crop yield.
10 February 2022 News