Weekly podcast: clamp down on ‘map acres’, suckler crisis and IFA unease
Barry Murphy
Detail of a Department of Agriculture clamp down on the use of map acres by intensive farmers, a crisis facing suckler farmers, beef prices, IFA unease and the Emerald Expo Dairy Show all feature.
28 April 2022 Opinion
Scenic route for PGI application
PGI application stalls while Northern Ireland is brought on board.
22 April 2022 News
Irish grass-fed beef PGI application stalled
The application for Irish grass-fed beef was for the Republic of Ireland only and did not include beef from Northern Ireland.
Bord Bia must fill Tara's shoes
Will the State agency tasked with promoting Irish food worldwide look inside or outside for their new CEO? Either way, there are plenty of people steeped in experience of Bord Bia.
15 March 2022 Dealer
Scenic route to beef PGI as UK lodges expected opposition
Irish beef has, in one way or another, been chasing a PGI for almost 20 years and while the latest route is slow, it can still get there.
4 March 2022 News
UK lodges opposition to grass-fed beef PGI
PGI opposition procedure used by UK as the vehicle to get Northern Ireland included in Irish PGI application.
2 March 2022 News
ICSA suckler chair resigns ahead of February elections
The ICSA will hold an election to fill a number of leadership roles next month, including the suckler committee chair role now vacated by Gerard O’Brien.
25 January 2022 News
What drives value in Irish agri food?
Irish food and drink exports recorded record values for 2021, so what made this happen?
19 January 2022 News
Weekly podcast: beef prices, Irish exports and fertiliser
On this week’s podcast, we discuss the beef trade, the outlook for Ireland’s PGI for grass-fed beef and fertiliser.
13 January 2022 Podcast
Delay likely for beef PGI as Northern Ireland joins in
NI to use opposition procedure on PGI application to join the process during the consultation period.
12 January 2022 News