Milk prices: how could a shortage of palm oil affect Irish milk prices?
Jack Kennedy
The dairy processors need gas to continue processing. Water is 87% of milk, so it needs to be dried off to get the butter, powder and cheese out.
20 April 2022 News
Fertiliser grants of €107/ha for Poland’s farmers
Grassland and tillage farmers in Poland will soon be able to apply for up to €5,350.
13 April 2022 News
Will the upward trend in Irish beef prices last?
Factory prices have been transformed over the past year - why did it happen and will it continue?
Cork men travel 4,500km to Ukraine border with aid
Eddie O'Keeffe of Ballynoe Agri hauled 15t of humanitarian aid to the Ukraine border in a bid to lessen the effects of the war on Ukrainians.
22 March 2022 News
Agri-food companies donate to Ukraine
Ireland's agri-food companies have donated to charities working to support the people of Ukraine while others are sending food for hospitals.
15 March 2022 News
Goodman companies donate €3m to support Ukraine
The wider livestock farming community will also be facilitated in making donations.
11 March 2022 News
Who are the big players in the EU dairy industry?
With talk of food price hikes and restrictions on fertiliser, where in the EU will milk be produced to meet growing demand?
2 January 2022 News
Irish beef price off the pace
Compared with prices paid in the UK, the rest of the EU and globally, Irish beef is a premium high cost product selling in commodity markets.
26 November 2021 News
Irish farmers eye €8.87m farm in Poland
The auctioneers will also arrange to install a tenant if the new owner does not want to farm it themselves.
24 March 2021 Property
Dairy markets: Polish milk production growth slows in January
With 2021 increasingly looking like it will be a very strong year for milk prices, Polish milk production could return to strong growth levels in the months ahead.
9 March 2021 Markets
Dairy markets: Polish milk supply exceeds 12bn litres for 2020
Polish milk production has grown by almost 20%, or 1.8bn litres, since the end of EU quotas in 2015 to reach a record volume of 12bn litres last year.
2 February 2021 Markets
Kevin Cahill appointed ABP managing director
Kevin Cahill began his career at ABP and worked for 20 years at Kepak. He moves to ABP from OSI.
18 January 2021 News