Brazil looks to host Arab fertiliser plants
Phelim O'Neill
While Brazil's fertiliser need looks to be sorted for this year, the desire to reduce dependence on imports results in overtures to Arab producers.
22 June 2022 Viewpoints
Dempsey at Large: fertilisers high on EU leaders’ radar
A shortage of nitrogen whether caused by scarcity or unaffordability will have an immediate effect on yield and supply.
23 May 2022 Management
Dairy management: how to look after clover seedlings
Clover seedlings are at a delicate stage and need to be looked after, writes Aidan Brennan.
Dairy management: Blight warning equals growth warning
Aidan Brennan says that a blight warning for potato farmers is the same as a growth warning for grassland farmers.
16 May 2022 Grass & feeding
Five tips for preventing grass tetany
Lactating cows will be at risk of grass tetany, as weather conditions become more variable. Outlined are some tips to preventing the issue.
2 April 2022 Management
Global fertiliser prices hit all-time high
Global fertiliser prices have hit an all-time high, surpassing the peak of 2008.
23 March 2022 News
Q&A: slurry and fertiliser webinar
The following is a list of the questions asked and answers from the slurry and fertiliser webinar with Siobhán Walsh, Adam Woods, Aidan Brennan and special guest Mark Plunkett from Teagasc.
23 February 2022 Fertilizers