Burren Programme founders ‘can’t stand over’ new scheme
Amy Forde
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue and Minister of State Pippa Hackett are to meet with representatives from the Burren Programme next week.
31 August 2022 Schemes
Flexibility needed in new ACRES scheme
Farmers in low-income sectors go into these schemes and they form a huge part of their family farm income, the IFA has said.
8 August 2022 News
ACRES designed to ‘discourage people from farming’ – IFA
The IFA has described issues with a number of aspects of ACRES, calling for the scheme to be given an enhanced budget and greater flexibilities.
New head of Teagasc advisory service named
Thomas Curran is an agricultural scientist who graduated from University College Dublin with a bachelor of agricultural science.
19 July 2022 News
A special shoutout to a Cork man
The Dealer spoke with a Cork man whose visual impairment has not stopped him from staying up to date with the latest farming news.
29 June 2022 Dealer
Minister reveals €1.5bn new REPS
ACRES is set to deliver annual payments between €7,000 and €10,500 for 50,000 farm families for five years.
Can ACRES emerge from the long shadow REPS casts?
REPS may always be the prettier, more popular agri-environmental scheme for most farmers, but ACRES must be given it’s chance.
22 June 2022 Dealer
New ACRES scheme: your questions answered
The Department of Agriculture has published a series of responses to questions farmers have asked about the new ACRES scheme.
22 June 2022 News
Commercial farmers will be disappointed by ACRES – ICMSA
"We think that the Government is making a very significant strategic error in deliberately shutting out commercial farming."
21 June 2022 News
New ACRES scheme likely to be tied up in red tape - Cullinan
Huge amounts of funding will leak to people running the co-operation model and to other consultants, the IFA president said.
21 June 2022 News
Farmers should question AECM advisors on hill grazing – INHFA
The INHFA has hit out at the environmentalists who want sheep taken off the hills.
15 June 2022 News
Weekly podcast: new REPS, sheep prices and organics
We get details on the new Agri-Environment Climate Measure to be rolled out to farmers, an update on sheep price market trends, Government climate negotiations and an organic farm walk.
10 June 2022 News