House in the Country: one-off rural housing
Anne O'Donoghue
Anne O’Donoghue speaks to Minister of State Peter Burke about impending guidelines for one-off rural houses and asks planning consultant Andrew Hersey about what they might mean for farmers.
16 February 2022 Features
House in the Country: rising prices
In the first part of Irish Country Living’s housing series, House in the Country, Anne O’Donoghue takes a look at just how in-demand rural housing is
26 January 2022 Features
The son and heir – part 1
In this the first of a three part series, a mother writes of the impact her sons alcoholism has wreaked on their family.
The cost of a family home retrofit is as individual as the family itself
Home energy retrofits, prescribed by the Climate Action Plan will predominantly be paid for by home owners. Amii McKeever spoke to David Flannery, senior adviser with Electric Ireland Superhomes.
19 January 2022 Features