Climate and environment
Target still to come for land use and forestry
Noel Bardon
The EPA has submitted to Government a "refinement" to its reporting of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with land use, according to Minister McConalogue.
20 July 2022 Viewpoints
Editorial: matching political sound bites and promises with farm reality
Promises of money from the EU for managing soil carbon stocks once EU regulation is enacted in a number of years is hard to bank when you have family commitments and loans to meet.
Farmland rewetting measures rolled back in scale
Brussels has amended its draft nature restoration law, possibly to the benefit of those farming on peatlands.
Restoration measures cannot be forced on farmers – EU farmer group
An EU-level group representing farmers and co-ops has said that CAP strategic plans will not do enough to reach the targets proposed by Brussels and that further action will be needed.
14 June 2022 News
UK farmers receiving private funds to rewet peatlands
Central to securing private sector funding for the initiative was ensuring “trust and confidence” in the system, as well as the accurate measuring of the carbon. sequestered by the restored peatlands.
13 June 2022 News
Anticipation building as opening of AECM edges closer
Confirmation of the exact specifics of the flagship agri-environment scheme are expected towards the end as the European Commission finalises details of Ireland’s CAP Strategic Plan 2023-2027.
8 June 2022 Schemes
Carbon farming must address biodiversity too – EU organics group
Carbon farming projects should seek to achieve objectives beyond simply sequestering carbon, according to IFOAM Organics Europe.
2 May 2022 News
Coillte's €2bn plan includes 100,000ha of new forests by 2050
Coillte's plan is to create 1,200 jobs in rural communities "to enable the just transition to a low carbon economy in Ireland".
27 April 2022 Forestry
Coillte pledges to plant 100,000ha of new forestry
The semi-State forestry company said that the new strategy will support the creation of 1,200 direct and indirect jobs over the next five to 10 years.
21 April 2022 News
IFA president to meet Commission officials on ‘stringent’ draft rewetting law
The IFA has said that any rewetting efforts must be voluntary for land owners and that farmers must receive adequate compensation for rewetting.
9 March 2022 News
Farmers need ‘sufficient income’ from projects such as rewetting – Noonan
We have a big task ahead of us to restore nature, the heritage minister has said.
6 March 2022 News
Rural communities must be considered in new EU environmental measures
The INHFA has accused the European Commission of ignoring rural communities when framing proposed legislation which will result in a raft of restrictions imposed on drained peatlands.
27 February 2022 News