Beef Management: scanning problem cows and grass growth issues
Declan Marren
Dealing with problem cows during breeding, dealing with grass growth and quality issues, and a clostridial vaccine booster reminder.
18 May 2022 Management
Rush Control, red water and keeping an eye on stock bulls
Helpful tips and advice for drystock farms.
13 April 2022 Northern Ireland
Scan wrongly diagnosed sheep with Jaagsiekte
A flock of 1,074 ewes were scanned by a vet who had training and experience in finding OPA lesions.
Getting to the bottom of fertility issues
John Egerton has been trying to establish what might have led to a high empty rate in his autumn-calving herd
30 March 2022 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: happy with the ewes’ scanning results
Farmer writer Brian Nicholson has been happy with the results of this year’s scanning, with the flock carrying more twins and less singles.
2 February 2022 Farmer Writes
Time for pregnancy scanning in autumn-calving herds
Suckler farmers operating autumn-calving herds should be thinking about scanning cows bred from October to December.
1 February 2022 Management
NI Sheep Programme: scanning and lambing preparations in full swing
With scanning being carried out, attention will be turning to managing ewes in the final weeks prior to lambing.
26 January 2022 NI Sheep Programme
Nothing wrong with the easy life
Some sheep farmers are choosing to sell on their triplet- and quad-bearing ewes after scanning to avoid the additional feeding and management that comes with them at lambing time.
19 January 2022 Dealer
Watch: see how the 2022 sheep scan went on Tullamore Farm
Niamh Gunn was on Tullamore Farm during the week for the annual sheep scan. Read how she gets on.
14 January 2022 News
Sheep Management: Spectam Scour Halt, clean livestock policy and ewe condition
Supplies of Spectam Scour Halt, used to prevent watery mouth or E coli scour, are expected to be reduced this season following the ceasing of its production.
12 January 2022 Management
Farmer Writes: stung by empty rate in autumn cows
John Egerton uses 100% artificial insemination (AI) across his suckler cows.
5 January 2022 Farmer Writes
Sheep mart prices: trade resumes at pre-Christmas levels
Some marts have reported the trade being a little slow to take off, but there were more signs of increased demand as the week has progressed.
5 January 2022 Markets