Northern Ireland
Average price nears £11,000/ac in Antrim
Peter McCann
Antrim is the fourth most expensive county to buy land in NI and it ranks 13th across the island of Ireland.
24 March 2022 Northern Ireland
Price and supply both rise sharply
Tyrone is now in second place across northern counties for average land price, up from fourth place in last year’s land report.
19 January 2022 Features
The cost of a family home retrofit is as individual as the family itself
Home energy retrofits, prescribed by the Climate Action Plan will predominantly be paid for by home owners. Amii McKeever spoke to David Flannery, senior adviser with Electric Ireland Superhomes.
Employers keen on hybrid working environment for 2022
Looking ahead to 2022 and what is to be a staggered return to the office, a recent survey by the Compliance Institute predicts more flexibility in the working environment, writes Ilka Denker.
29 December 2021 News
Between climate guilt and energy bills a retrofit could being peace of mind
Emissions from our homes must reduce to between 3.5-4.5 Mt CO2eq by 2030. Retrofitting will be key to achieving this. Amii McKeever speaks with Electric Ireland Superhomes about what this means.
24 November 2021 Features
Irish Farmers Journal seeking statistics on agriculture employee market
As part of the annual Agri Jobs Focus, two surveys have been set up to gain an insight, identify trends and analyse any changes COVID-19 might have had on the employee market, writes Ilka Denker.
1 November 2021 Careers
Money Mentor: farms and succession need more serious consideration
Money Mentor Margaret Nolan comments on the most recent ifac farm survey published this week. With a high-value asset like a farm, succession needs more serious consideration.
14 April 2021 News
Celebrating National Tree Week
Sponsored by Coillte, this year's National Tree Week will run from March 21 to 27, Katie Barragry writes.
27 March 2021 Gardening
9 out of 10 taxpayers unsure of what rate of tax they pay
A study has revealed that 90% of taxpayers in Ireland are not sure of what rate of tax they pay, writes Katie Barragry.
20 March 2021 Consumer
Job security is top priority for employees
A new study conducted by Indeed examines the outlook of Irish workers after a year in crisis. It revealed that job security is a top priority, with most employers already cutting back perks.
13 January 2021 News
Careers in the Kingdom
A shortage of STEM skills in the Kingdom led to the creation of ‘Kerry SciTech’ to help promote the county as a fulfilling place to work
15 July 2020 Recruitment
58% of young adults would prefer ‘on the job training’
A survey carried out by Empathy Research shows that young adults are in favour of an 'earn while you learn' approach
1 July 2020 News