Feeding calves: what are my options?
Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan looks at the calf feeding options available for rearing calves this spring.
10 January 2022 Management
Dairy management: training heifers for the new season
Aidan Brennan has some tips for farmers when it comes to training heifers to the milking parlour.
29 November 2021 Management
Dairy management: top tips for tubing cows
Aidan Brennan has some advice for farmers planning to dry off larger numbers of cows over the coming weeks,
Dairylink: assessing the parlour and milking routine
The aim is to get cows milked quickly and efficiently while avoiding damage to teats, writes David Wright.
29 September 2021 Dairylink
Thrive: dealing with bloat in calves
There have been a few cases of bloat in new arrivals over the last week on the Thrive demonstration farm.
10 March 2021 Management
Thrive: preparing the calf rearing shed
Planning ahead and having the calf shed ready for calf arrival can reduce the stress on both calf and farmer in the weeks to come.
20 January 2021 Management
Dairy management: top tips for tubing cows
With dairy farmers in peak ‘dry off mode’, Aidan Brennan has some top tips for making the job easier.
30 November 2020 Management
Dairy Management: cubicle hygiene, teat sealing and free cash
Aidan Brennan has some top tips for keeping dairy herds free of mastitis this winter
18 November 2020 Management
Beef management: BEAM stock reduction, BDGP deadlines and sore teats
Adam Woods takes a look at BEAM scheme requirements, BDGP deadlines and how to manage cows with sore teats.
29 April 2020 Management
Watch: the optimum way to stomach-tube lambs
With lambing getting into full swing Peter Varley reviews best practice techniques in stomach tubing lambs and gets tips from vet John Nugent.
29 February 2020 Management
Refresh your drying off technique for optimum results
Research has clearly demonstrated the link between infection during the dry cow period and subsequent clinical mastitis and elevated somatic cell counts (SCC) in early lactation.
BETTER farm: getting set for autumn calving
Matthew Halpin looks at some key management tips for autumn-calving cows ahead of the upcoming calving season.
6 August 2019 BETTER Farm