‘Deliberative dialogue’ on forestry strategy set for 10 and 14 May
Barry Murphy
The event will aid the development of a new strategy for how Ireland plants and manages trees for a generation to come, says Minister Pippa Hackett.
27 April 2022 Forestry
95% drop in area afforested by farmers since 2010 – CSO
Fewer farmers have sought to plant forests on their land every year since 2010, according to new figures released by the CSO.
13 April 2022 News
Forestry group explores legal action over ash dieback
The disease is now prevalent throughout the country and is likely to cause the death of the vast majority of Irish ash trees over the next two decades.
Department does U-turn on fairy forts as area for nature
Raths or fairy forts were out and now they’re in when it comes to eligibility as an area for nature under the new CAP.
30 March 2022 News
Raths not included as areas for nature under CAP
Farmers at a CAP information meeting in Wexford were confused as to why the rath, common on many farms, would not be considered an area for nature.
23 March 2022 News
McConalogue admits 8,000ha forestry planting target will be challenging
More needs to be done to substantially increase our afforestation rates, the Minister said.
13 March 2022 News
Public wants more woodland creation - forestry survey
Some 1,012 people were involved in the forestry attitudes survey.
3 March 2022 News
Average price of estate purchases up 87% at Savills
The average estate sold for £8.8m which was a rise of 87% on the year at Savills.
2 March 2022 Scotland
Less than three agroforestry plots planted per year since 2015
The Department has revealed that only 17 plots have been planted under its agroforestry scheme option.
21 February 2022 News
Over 7,000 native trees planted in Co Clare pilot project
A biodiversity project in Clare has seen native trees distributed to landowners for enhancing non-intensively managed areas of fields.
15 February 2022 News
Department U-turn on burning bushes
A derogation has been granted to burn green waste on farm for 2023. Burning will not be allowed during the bird-nesting season.
9 February 2022 News
Macra members to plant 15,000 trees
A Macra tree planting initiative is just one part of the farm organisation’s journey to become a leader in addressing climate change, according to its president John Keane.
7 February 2022 News