Climate and environment
Judge orders peat cutter to pay €7,700 after unlicensed peat extraction
Noel Bardon
The unlicensed peat cutting was done in Tullycross near Athlone, Co Westmeath, in 2022.
25 December 2022 News
Farming posts that got you talking the most in 2022
As another year comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to sit back and reflect on the news stories that got us all talking over the past 12 months.
21 December 2022 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: it's been a cracker of a farming year, Santa
If the sucklers go, people’s livelihoods go and Santa, there’ll be no need for you to go out west as it’ll become a wilderness, writes Gerald Potterton.
Kubota launches entry-level compact tractor
Kubota has introduced the 24hp four-wheel-drive EK1-261 to its compact tractor portfolio.
16 November 2022 News
Trials of turf cutters collapse in Galway
'There is no longer a prosecution against you and you are free to go,' the judge told both men. Ann Lucey reports.
3 November 2022 News
Turf: Online advertising and retail sales banned from today
The change bans turf sales from retail premises, as well as the advertising of turf.
31 October 2022 News
Commission orders Ireland to ban turf cutting on some designated lands
In an opinion delivered this Thursday, the European Commission has called on turf cutting to be banned on Natura 2000 land in Ireland.
29 September 2022 News
Bord na Móna a 'climate-solutions company'
Bord na Móna is now a “climate solutions company” rather than a peat-producing company.
17 August 2022 Dealer