Half of households throw out food every week – Aldi
Barry Murphy
Aldi has commissioned research on food waste by Irish households as part of its ‘Food for Good’ campaign with FoodCloud.
26 September 2022 News
World’s largest food market engulfed in ‘violent fire’
A fruit and vegetable warehouse in the 234ha Rungis International Market was “completed destroyed” in a blaze on Sunday.
16 August 2022 News
Labour shortages lead to £60m crop waste on UK farms
The UK’s fruit and vegetable farmers continue to be affected by a lack of labour available when it comes to picking and harvesting their crops.
Cattle prices up 27% in year – CSO
Central Statistics Office (CSO) analysis found that all livestock prices increased between June 2021 and June 2022.
11 August 2022 News
Irish market for organic produce grew by almost 18% in 2020 - Bord Bia
An insight into the Irish organic market by Bord Bia's sheepmeat and livestock sector manager Séamus McMenamin.
4 August 2022 News
World’s largest vertical farm opens
The destination for these leafy greens? Airline passengers can look forward to eating them on flights from July.
20 July 2022 Dealer
Watch: how technology is changing lives of female farmers in Sierra Leone
"We have gained a lot as women. We are not going backwards again," one woman who uses an app which tracks prices for their produce in Sierra Leone has said. Catherine Devine reports.
16 July 2022 News
More permits and producer groups needed in horticulture sector - report
The conclusions on the fruit and vegetable sector from a KPMG report commissioned by the Department of Agriculture.
15 July 2022 News
Horticulture scheme deadline pushed back a week
The deadline for applying to the Horticulture Exceptional Payment Scheme has been extended one week.
16 June 2022 News
‘Fear factor’ responsible for low farmer complaints on unfair trading
The UTP enforcement authority has yet to open an investigation, the Department has confirmed to the Irish Farmers Journal.
15 June 2022 News