Under the bonnet of the eco-scheme options
Andy Doyle
Being able to fulfill two eco-scheme obligations is critical for farmers to enable them to claw back almost 20% of the deduction of their entitlement value.
21 September 2022 News
VistaMilk using satellites to collect real-time data on farm soils
The satellites can hone in on an area as small as 10 metres squared.
31 August 2022 News
Farming sector asked to conserve water to safeguard supplies
Irish Water has issued a number of water conservation tips for farmers.
Loss of phosphorous and sediment greatest threats to water quality – ASSAP
In fresh water, a very small amount of phosphorous (under one unit per acre) can cause eutrophication.
Water abstraction rules tightening for some farmers
Those drawing more than 2m litres a day from watercourses will need a licence to do so after new rules governing water management are passed.
Unravelling the stubble cultivation obligations
Recent amendments to the nitrates obligations for tillage farmers see a number of derogations applied to the obligation to cultivate all stubbles post harvest.
17 August 2022 Husbandry
Field scoring leaves farmer ACRES payments uncertain
Farmers in certain ACRES actions may find their payments dropping if field scores deteriorate in years three and five of the scheme.
Some ACRES actions to exceed €1,000/ha
The Irish Farmers Journal can reveal the payment rates the Department expects to pay farmers for undertaking actions in the new ACRES.
On-farm water-saving advice from Irish Water
Rainwater harvesting and dry cleaning are among the pieces of advice from Irish Water.
18 July 2022 News