Neven Entertaining at Home: Pinot Noir and Duck a classic combination
Ciara Leahy
Duck and Pinot Noir are a classic pairing and Ciara Leahy has selected two Pinots with a bit more body to work with the flavours of this dish.
5 October 2022 Neven
Entertaining at home: the perfect dinner menu for chilly autumn evenings
Entertaining in autumn means sharing cosy, comforting meals with friends - try these three recipes for your next dinner party, writes Neven Maguire.
4 October 2022 Recipes
Braised rabbit (the other, other white meat) with creamy polenta
This is a delicious and hearty autumnal dish using an underrated protein, writes Janine Kennedy.
Neven Maguire: crunchy chicken strips
Crowd-pleasing chicken recipes? We can't get enough of them. Neven Maguire is here with two winners for weeknight dinners.
21 September 2022 Neven
Neven Maguire: stir it up with these snappy stir-fry recipes
These quick and nutritious stir-fry recipes are a good way to pack in some vegetables, writes Neven Maguire.
14 September 2022 Neven
Feeling chilly? Try this comforting tomato soup with cheesy sourdough croutons
As the weather starts to turn, it provides the perfect opportunity to make a warming pot of soup, writes Janine Kennedy.
13 September 2022 Recipes
Traditional Irish baking with modern twists by Graham Herterich
Graham Herterich puts his own slant on curnie cakes, and adds in a batch of suggested variations.
7 September 2022 Recipes
Cover feature- the cupcake bloke
Traditional Irish baking is creatively fused with modern Irish influences in Graham Herterich’s first cookery book, ‘Bake’, writes Ciara Leahy.
7 September 2022 Features
Easy school-night dinner the whole family will love
These quick chicken quesadillas are far from authentic Mexican fare, but they are super tasty and come together in a cinch, writes Janine Kennedy.
6 September 2022 Recipes
Neven Maguire: lunchbox favourites
With kids back to school, Neven Maguire's wheaten bread will keep them full until hometime.
31 August 2022 Neven
Lazy blueberry cake with salted caramel sauce
The perfect recipe for those times you just can't be bothered, but still want a delicious dessert. Janine Kennedy writes
30 August 2022 Recipes
Neven Maguire: crunchy granola and egg and bacon croissants
Neven Maguire has some sweet and savoury breakfast recipes to kickstart your day.
24 August 2022 Neven