Radio series “Despite all the technology, radio remains an unbelievable medium”
Amii McKeever
“Get off the phone Grandad”. Amii McKeever interrupted WLRFM’s Kieran O'Connors babysitting duties to pose a few questions for our agri-radio journalism series.
20 July 2022 Features
Recipe for a good show? Straight-forward with a good mix of people
The next agri-radio journalist to answer Amii McKeever's questions is Matt O'Keeffe, who hosts his farm show from seven to eight on a Thursday evening on KCLR FM
13 July 2022 Features
Ag radio show series: Jim Finn on telling the good stories
In the first of a new series of interviews with agri journalists, Amii McKeever spoke to Jim Finn who hosts his farm show from nine to ten on a Saturday morning on Tipp FM.