Teagasc Sustainability Week will take place this October from the 14th to the 21st.

The theme of the week is 'farming for a better future' with a series of public in-person and virtual events set to take place.

The week’s activities will kick off on Friday 14 October at 9.30am on the weekly Teagasc Signpost webinar series, when Dr Seamus Kearney from the Teagasc Signposts programme, with Dr Deirdre Hennessey and Signpost dairy farmer Edwin Thompson, Teagasc Tipperary joint programme will discuss the first step to reducing emissions on all farms. Reducing emissions from chemical N is the main topic that will be discussed.

On Monday 17 October, the Teagasc rural economy programme will publish the annual Teagasc Sustainability Report for 2021, which is based on data collected from farmers through the National Farm Survey.

The reports tracks the economic, social and environmental sustainability of Irish farms. Details will be presented on Monday 17 October at 2pm.

Throughout the week there will be a daily focus on a particular issue:

Monday 17 October - reducing greenhouse gas emissions with a focus on methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Tuesday 18 October - enhancing farm biodiversity.

Wednesday 19 October - improving soil health.

Thursday 20 October - improving water quality.

Friday 21 October - Teagasc Signpost Series webinar.

On the Teagasc Signposts, Dr Tom O‘Dwyer, head of the Teagasc Signpost Programme, will launch the Signpost sustainability report and discuss the progress being made on the Signpost farms.

'Farmers for climate action' includes over 60 organisations and companies, and includes over 120 demonstration farmers across the range of farming enterprises.

Photo competition

Sustainability Week 2022 will see the start of quarterly photo competitions where Teagasc will be inviting photo entries from the public relating to the quarterly climate actions.

The first competition will focus on autumn climate actions and there is €250 up for grabs.

College open days

The Teagasc agricultural colleges are hosting a series of open days at the colleges for prospective students with a theme of sustainable farming.