Instagram Inspiration

We can’t cope with the cuteness of Lorcan Brady from Gort at the opening weekend of Galway’s Pumpkin Patch (@galwaypumpkinpatch).

Located on the scenic grounds of Castletaylor Estate in Galway this is a great family day out, complete with a pumpkin patch and farm animals.

Pumpkin patches have grown in popularity in recent years popping up across the country. Often it’s supporting a local farm or business and kids and families have the best fun.

Well worth booking a trip to your local pumpkin patch, but don’t delay as many sell out fast.

Rural Rhymes

Driving West

I pack the car to the gills –

clothes for every weather

strong footwear, rain gear

a book, a crochet hook

and wool. I’ll be making

the most of every moment

of the trip to Sligo.

On the far side of Mullingar

I expect to cross the rain-line.

I’ll be halfway there

and slowing down a bit

for the wet road that’ll take me

to Carrick-on-Shannon

and a coffee break at last.

A phone call east to say

So far so good, and then

slices of lemon drizzle cake

and scones for two


and under my arm

the paper with its promise

of the crossword

we will do together.

A phone call west –

Mother, I’ll be with you

in three-quarters of an hour.

– By Pat McCarrick

Chef Janine’s Tip

This week on Instagram and online, you’ll find a really delicious recipe for pesto. Pesto or salsa verde is a great way to use up the last of your summer herbs and it really isn’t necessary to follow a strict recipe. For pesto, I usually use a big bunch of greens (you can use basil, rocket, garlic scapes, nettles or any other aromatic green you fancy), a sprinkling of nuts, garlic, a generous handful of finely grated cheese (any aged cheese will usually do), a dollop of mustard, olive oil and fresh lemon juice. For salsa verde, you can use any kind of herb combination and combine it with white wine vinegar, garlic, mustard and olive or rapeseed oil. Be sure to taste and season as you go – remember, you can always add more salt to a dish but you can’t easily take it away.

Photo of the Week

Lamb of God: Ryan Grant from Clonmany, Co Donegal, on his Holy Communion Day recently with a few followers.

Tweet of the Week

Number of the Week


The amount, in per cent, of risk the flu vaccine reduces the risk of contraction.

Quote of the Week

From Katherine O’Leary:

So many good friends and colleagues! So many grey heads; recognition of farmers that I should have known instantly was delayed because our cohort of people have aged considerably. That’s the reality and we’ve probably been to too many IFA rallies. On the plus side, the young farmers were out in force