The Board of Aurivo Co-op has announced a €2m fodder support fund which will pay farmers up to €100/t for fertiliser, to a limit of 4t per customer. The maximum payment usable by a farmer will therefore be €400.

The €400 payment will also apply to lime purchased by farmers.

The €2m fund is aimed at supporting farmers to grow and save an adequate supply of fodder for the winter through increased second-cut silage yields.

The support will run in addition to the Government’s Fodder Support Scheme, which is set to pay farmers up to €1,000 for making hay or silage.

Open to customer base

Aurivo says the fund is open to all its local farmers or customer base, regardless of their farm enterprise. The co-op encourages farmers to ask about the support or discount available to them at any Aurivo Homeland store or the farmer’s local FCS. Staff their will advise farmers as required.

The move is also part of Aurivo’s efforts to encourage farmers to properly finish and present their cattle and lambs. The co-op said this will ensure returns are maximised when farmers sell their animals. It is understood that improved fodder availability and quality will enable farmers to finish cattle and lambs more efficiently.

Aurivo says it has been “actively engaging with farmers on the importance of securing sufficient fodder for winter since April, through a series of farm walks, articles in local press, social media and information boards” across its 34 Homeland stores and four livestock marts.

Co-op chair Raymond Barlow said: “The fund announced this week is a further support to the ongoing fodder security campaign and aims to reduce input costs and maximise the return for our farmers to help ensure their future sustainability”.