Numbers remain incredibly strong in Castlerea Mart as we head to mid-July.

Nearly 700 cattle were in attendance at last Thursday’s sale, with further forward stock in highest demand.

This eagerness for fed cattle is being replicated across the country, with northern buyers driving factory agents to strong money.

Here, a top price of €2.64/kg was hit on two occasions for bullocks. First at the money was a 28-month-old Limousin that weighed 605kg and sold for €1,600. Matching the price was a 655kg Limousin born in April 2019 that sold for €1,730.

Last week’s sale in Castlerea also saw a larger than anticipated entry of weanlings forward.

These were met with a super trade, with many light heifer weanlings surpassing the €3/kg mark.

Leading the way was a 240kg Limousin born April 2021 that sold for €790 (€3.29/kg).

Dry cows continue to be performing well, with the top third of lots sold hitting an average price of €2.20/kg. This was led with a call of €2,140 for a five-year-old Charolais cow that weighed 890kg (€2.40/kg).

This pair of Simmental bullocks born spring 2020, weighed 413kg and sold for €1,000 (€2.42/kg).

This two-year-old Charolais bullock weighed 565kg and sold for €1,380 (€2.44/kg).

This two-year-old Charolais bullock weighed 570kg and sold for €1,370 (€2.40/kg).

This two-year-old Limousin bullock weighed 543kg and sold for €1,290 (€2.38/kg).

This 28-month-old Angus bullock weighed 665kg and sold for €1,500 (€2.26/kg).