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From the Tramlines: 100mm of rain in Donegal as harvest nears in Leinster
Siobhán Walsh
This week we speak to growers in counties Laois, Donegal and Wexford and there is a big difference between crops across the country.
22 June 2022 Crops
IFA potato report: Queens begin to appear on the market
Trade remains largely unchanged, but demand is good for processing material as the holiday season gets under way.
22 June 2022 Crops
Minister must declare blackgrass a noxious weed
It is past the time for action from Government on blackgrass control. The problem is only getting bigger as the invasive weed spreads across the country.
Potato blight forecasting tools updated
Steven Kildea describes the latest developments in potato blight forecasting which will help with fungicide decisions.
15 June 2022 Crops
Weather allows spraying to finish up
The weather has become more settled and allowed farmers to get out to spray some of the final fungicides this week.
15 June 2022 From the Tramlines
From the Tramlines: maize, beet and spring cereals all on the agenda
The Tramlines farmers are up to date with work and are watching out for some dry days to keep it that way with spring crops to be sprayed.
8 June 2022 Crops
Crop on Camera: paintbrush stage means T2 time
The awns are out on this crop in Co Wexford and Teagasc adviser Eoin Lyons explains how it will be treated at the T2 fungicide timing.
7 June 2022 Crops
Weather has been changeable, but work is up-to-date.
The weather has been very changeable over the past two weeks, but the Tramlines farmers are-up to-date with work, writes Siobhán Walsh.
1 June 2022 Crops
Help required for technology research survey
Improving the ability to research broad topics like technology would ultimately help the development of potentially useful digital tools in the future.
30 May 2022 Crops
From the Tramlines: mild and damp weather perfect for crops
This week, Stephen Robb talks to farmers from Laois, Wexford and Donegal, where the return of mild, damp weather is helping with crop development.
25 May 2022 Crops
From the Tramlines: gates closed on many winter crops
This week, Stephen Robb talks to farmers from Wicklow, Tipperary and Clare where the gates have now been closed on many winter crops.
18 May 2022 Crops
In The Fields: the makings of a bountiful harvest
In recent years I have come to associate cold springs with higher yield potential and I hope that this one can deliver once again.
11 May 2022 Crops