Sheep Management

Department confirms SIS-genotyped ram requirements
Darren Carty
For hill breeds a ram needs to be DNA sire-verified by Sheep Ireland rather than the initial requirement listed of purchasing a genotyped four- or five-star ram.
25 November 2022 Management
Liver fluke forecast identifies high risk of disease in west and northwest
The forecast predicts infection being prevalent in the west and northwest with occasional losses in the midlands, east Munster and north Leinster.
23 November 2022 Management
Sheep Management: closing plans, housing concerns and genotyping discussions
Grass supplies are quickly depleting on farms and management plans will need to be tailored to avoid issues.
New Sheep Improvement Scheme: all you need to know
The scheme, which closes for applications on Monday 19 December, features two new actions including the purchase of genotyped rams and a new reference year.
22 November 2022 Management
Student labour: organising additional help for the spring rush
Agricultural and veterinary students are a valuable asset to a busy spring yard, but it’s a case of give and take between farmer and student.
22 November 2022 Management
Merits of red clover silage to be discussed at Footprint Farmers open day
Red clover is best known for its ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen into a plant-available form, which it can supply the equivalent of approximately 300kg/ha/year to the crop.
18 November 2022 Footprint Farmers
Abnormal weather testing housing and management practice
There were numerous reports in recent weeks of torrential rainfall resulting in eave gutters overflowing and entering sheds or water overflow entering slatted tanks.
16 November 2022 Winter Indoor Management
Sheep Management: dealing with external parasite issues in sheep
The adverse weather is making any external parasite issues very visible, with sheep scratching their neck and quickly soiling fleeces.
16 November 2022 Management
Tullamore Farm set for Footprint Farmers Open Day
The event will run from 11am to 1pm on Tullamore Farm, Screggan, Co Offaly.
16 November 2022 Footprint Farmers
NI Sheep Programme: how good is 2022 silage quality?
With first- and second-Cut silage analysed on the programme farms, Kieran Mailey outlines some of the results.
9 November 2022 Management
Sheep Management: torrential rainfall and associated challenges
The current inclement weather is creating big challenges, from balancing grassland management and keeping the breeding season on track, to complying with the clean livestock policy.
9 November 2022 Management
Assessing condition and focusing on thin ewes
Frank Campion and Jonathon Molloy, Teagasc, outline why it is important to identify thin ewes and put a plan in place for preferential treatment.
2 November 2022 Management