Carlow-based manufacturer Grass Technology Ltd has announced its partnership with Glanbia and Finance Ireland under the FundEquip scheme.

Under this initiative, Glanbia dairy farmers can now access finance for the full Grass Technology range, including its zero-grazing machines and low-emission slurry spreading (LESS) equipment.

The scheme allows Glanbia suppliers to borrow up to €75,000 over three or five years at respective interest rates of 3.9% and 4.5%.


Similar to the MilkFlex loan scheme, repayments are structured over peak milk production periods.

Managing director of Grass Technology Ltd Jim Barron said: “Glanbia will also offer the service of completing applications for farmers wanting to secure TAMS II grant aid on LESS equipment.”

FundEquip has been around for some time now, although solely for the purchase of equipment such as bulk tanks, feed bins, generators and automatic calf feeders, etc.

Since last year, Lakeland Dairies and Arrabawn milk suppliers have had access to the Grass Technology range through FundEquip.