DEAR SIR: Since the pandemic began, I have taken to walking the countryside near our home farm in Ballymacarbry, Co Waterford. I have been surprised to see the overwhelming number of deer roaming from farm to farm and hillside to hillside.

After the most enjoyable walk a few months ago, I returned home to find a notice to my son, who has inherited the family farm, of a herd closure from the Department of Agriculture, due to a dreaded TB outbreak. A neighbouring farm received a similar notice days later.

I do appreciate that the Department of Agriculture is trying to isolate the farm where the outbreak takes place, but surely this is inevitably hampered by the large and growing numbers of deer roaming from farm to farm unhindered, not to mention the untold damage done to fences and grass supplies.

Should consideration be given to a deer cull in this area – what can be done to protect our livelihoods from this uncontrolled spreader of disease?