I hear the meetings are taking place before the meeting if you know what I mean. These are always the most important meetings to be at where agendas are discussed and remits and best outcomes decided. Confused. No need.

The Department is currently deciding who will chair the new Food Vision beef and sheep group.

Professor Gerry Boyle is chairing the dairy group and it is a possibility that he could take on the drystock group, but his lack of love for the sucklers will likely make him a non-runner. Ger Brickley’s name has been whispered by some. Michael Dowling, chair of the now defunct beef roundtable, could be a starter but he may have gotten his fill of beef politics at the last gig.

Tom Tynan could also be an option. He’s kept his head down since he returned from Brussels and rumour has it he’s hungry for work. The dark horse in the race could be Cork woman Professor Thia Hennessy, that’s who my money is on.