New Holland was among the 15 winners at the recent SIMA Innovation Awards virtual ceremony.

The manufacturer scooped both a silver and bronze award for innovation on its combine harvesters.

The silver medal was in the category 'From Harvest to Storage' for the NutriSenseTM in harvest nutrient analysis system.

The bronze medal was in the category of 'Parts, Service and Onboard Electronics' for the New Holland cleaning system pressure sensors.

Grain parameters

The NutriSenseTM system works using near infrared (NIR) technology to measure grain parameters such as protein or fat content.

Not only does this allow farmers to make reactive decisions based on such information, but proactive decisions too, such as yield mapping and variable application of inputs.

The cleaning system pressure sensors is a patented cleaning shoe system measures the pressure in the cleaning shoe, up and below sieves and alerts the operator if its overloaded or not.

The cleaning shoe pressure system measures the pressure in the cleaning system up and below the sieves and alerts the operator in the event of overloading.

All this can be viewed on the Intelliview IV display for quick and easy setup and quick proactive real time decision making to reduce grain losses.

The award comprised of 110 entries from 75 companies, including 10 start-ups. Forty of these companies were shortlisted by the judging committee across the four categories:

  • Soils and Crops.
  • From Harvest to Storage.
  • Livestock Farming and Renewable Energy.
  • Parts, Services and On board Electronics.
  • For the first time, additional special awards were made to distinguish areas of significant importance.

    On 10 June 2021, SIMA will hold Tech Connect, an ag-tech event devoted to solutions for farmers to help reduce their environmental impact and improve performance and working conditions.