Payments of up to €50,000/ha proposed for €2.8m veg scheme
Noel Bardon
Soft fruit growers are not set to receive payments under the package which was approved by Cabinet on Wednesday.
23 March 2022 News
Energy costs drive 17% of horticulture farmers away from sector
Survey findings indicate that 170 horticulture growers could leave the sector in 2022.
2 March 2022 News
Horticulture sector frustrated by NI protocol
Under the terms of the NI protocol, growers in NI are effectively working within the EU plant health regime
An Taisce might do a Lidl research
An Taisce, the national trust, is looking to hire some people in the agricultural field.
9 February 2022 Dealer
Cullinan to take ‘whatever action necessary’ to secure veg price increase
The IFA president has been granted a mandate to take whatever action he sees as necessary to secure higher vegetable prices for farmers.
3 February 2022 News
Irish have the highest daily intake of fruit and vegetables - EU study
The Irish are leaders in fruit and vegetable consumption in the EU, with women eating more than men overall.
5 January 2022 News
In the garden with Gerry Daly: easy-care succulents
Gerry Daly discusses succulents, decorative seed-heads and the jobs to get done in the garden this week.
24 November 2021 Gardening
Carving and defending a new niche – persimmons
Continuing with my ITLUS tour report to Australia in 2020, our first visit in New South Wales was to a persimmon grower and most of us had not previously even heard of the crop.
1 November 2021 Crops
Twins growing 15,000 pumpkins on 4ac
Oisín and Mícheál Byrne started growing pumpkins commercially in 2018 and now have their own pumpkin patch in Togher in Co Louth.
In the garden with Gerry Daly: shoo-in sumac
Gerry Daly discusses an old garden favourite, sumac, as well as planting spring bulbs and the jobs to get done this week.
6 October 2021 Gardening
In the Garden with Gerry Daly: Japanese anemone
Gerry Day discusses Japanese anemone, taking geranium cuttings and the jobs to get done this week
1 September 2021 Gardening
Farming for Nature: meet the nominees for the 2021 awards
The Irish Farmers Journal takes a look at some more of the farmers from across Ireland who have been nominated for a Farming for Nature award.
25 August 2021 News